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Service Agreement
This document sets out the terms of service provided by Envirologger Limited to licensed users of the environmental data management system. Whereby Envirologger provides data collection, storage, back up and access via our central data server by means of data transmitted from Envirologger data logging hardware at remote locations and is connected by TCP/IP over wired and wireless connections to the data server.
In return for payment of the annual server support fee for each remote site we undertake to provide the following services;
    Provision of secure data server protected by HASP key at client application which prevents unauthorised access to the server or data files. HASP key remains property of Envirologger Limited and must be returned on demand. Any lost or damaged HASP keys must be reported so that these can be replaced and cancelled to prevent un-authorised use.
    Collection and management of raw data in log files and database at intervals configured at each remote site.
    Confidentiality of data. Envirologger takes measures to ensure that no clients’ data is available to any third party without the prior consent of the client. This is ensured by the levels of security provided by each unique HASP key which only allow access to prescribed data associated with each specific client account.
    Back up of data files to tape, each working day.
    Client access via AQ Archive to create local database copies
    Upload and storage of modified or final data on the central server after processing by the client using AQ Archive and AQ Reports applications.
    Provision of direct connection service to each remote monitoring site, by means of IP address management of the remote logger and modem/router. This service requires an active SIM card for a 3G or GPRS wireless service or an active Ethernet connection with a public IP address.
    FTP access (optional at extra cost) for each remote site by creation of a daily file appended at hourly intervals.
    Web content and digital media data generation (optional at extra cost)
    98% per annum or greater server availability. Note, even when central server is down the loggers are designed to store data locally until connection with the server is re-established. This ensures no loss of data due to server downtime.
Envirologger will not be held responsible for the following;
    Loss of power at the remote monitoring sites
    Damage or loss of the remote monitoring site equipment, data logger or communications device or SIM card.
    Faults associated with the remote monitoring equipment, modem, router or connection outwith our supply or control
    Temporary or permanent loss of connection or signal at the remote monitoring site howsoever caused.
    Acts of God, Force Majeur, Vandalism, Riot, or any other matter outwith our direct control.
    Erroneous configuration of the data logger or monitoring equipment.
    Use of the logger, software or system which is not in accordance with the published procedures.
    Modifications to the data by the client or other third party.
    Data loss due to late or non-payment of server fees.
    Late or non payment of fees can result in service being suspeded or terminated.



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