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 What is an Envirologger Gateway ?
The gateway is a combined data logger, internet modem, wireless transceiver and data processor system in one. It enables almost any sensing device to connect to the data server via the internet via wired or wireless technology.  back to top

 What type of sensor / monitor connections can the gateway accept?
The gateway can accept analog inputs as voltage and current, RS232 or RS485, USB, SDI12, Ethernet or wireless radio inputs.(see wireless node)  back to top

 Which manufacturers equipment can be connected
The web logger internal processor is pre-programmed with communication protocols for a wide range of sensors for air quality, noise, meteorology, and other environmental monitoring tasks.   back to top

 If my equipment is not currently supported, how do I get it added?
We will add any protocol which is not currently supported on request if you are buying a system from us at no additional cost. We require an operating manual and may wish to access the sensor online in order to test the protocols.  back to top

 How does the gateway send data to me?
The gatway has either a cellular, satellite or radio modem fitted internally. The modem makes a secure connection via a cloud data server which relays the data to your PC, tablet, smart phone or network server.  back to top

 Can I share data with colleagues or other stakeholders?
Yes, any number of users can view and interact with the data simultaneously without connecting to the remote sites as the data is routed via the cloud server.  back to top

 How secure is the data and the communication?
The data is transmitted over a secure network connection which is encrypted using dual 256 bit security keys. The key connects to the users host PC using a USB port. Data tranmitted from the web logger to the server is also encrypted. The system does NOT use fixed public IP addresses at the remote sites as these can present a significant security risk. The web logger uses dynamic IP addressing making t both convenient and more secure. All of the above makes Envirologger systems very secure.  back to top

 How many channels of data can be handled by a gateway?
The gateway can handle up to 256 chanels of data in its basic form. Each channel can be configured with its own collection frequency and averaging time. Each channel can have a different input type, communications protocol and alarm settings.  back to top

 Can I recieve email or SMS (text) alerts when concentrations are high / low or when there is a fault with the monitoring equipment?
Yes, the gateway can be programmed to immediately issue alerts to your PC or over email or SMS if the the concentration goes above or below preset limits or the rate of change between consecutive readings is above a preset limit. Diagnostic data is also read by the logger (if available from the monitor) and can trigger alarms in the same manner.  back to top

 How do I view the data from my remote sites?
The site manager software client is the reccomended way of viewing data and managing remote sites and connected monitors. Data can also be viewed in a standard web browser, on a smart phone or via our ftp server in an open CSV (Excel format). Special data formats are also available such as UTMC or bespoke formats can be supported.  back to top

 Can the gateway accept web camera inputs?
Yes, up to four cameras can be connected and images captured at regular intervalsor when an alarm is activated. Depending on bandwidth images may be restircted to still but on higher bandwidths video can be captured.  back to top

 Can data be published to web pages?
Yes, data can be streamed to web pages automtically using our Publisher application. Data can be presented in different ways including, tables, graphs, meters or plain text.  back to top

 Can data be shown on a map?
Yes, data can be streamed to Google Earth or Google Maps and each remote site can be selected by clicking which can access data in all of the above formats.  back to top

 How is the gateway powered?
The gateway uses 12V DC power which can be supplied by a small mains transformer (supplied)or from a battery, solar panel or wind turbine.  back to top

 What is the power consumption of the gateway?
This depends on the mode of communication with the server. If using GPRS or 3G the consumption will be around 300-500mA, with Ethernet 200-350mA and with Radio 100-500mA depending on range.   back to top

 Can I connect sensors or monitors to the gateway using wireless signals?
Yes, the gateway can be fitted with an internal wireless transceiver. This allows up to 99 wireless nodes to be connected. The wireless nodes can be located around on or more loggers up to a distance 10 miles (~17Km.  back to top

 What is a Wireless Node?
The wireless node is a small 'mini' data logger that connects remote sensors and relays the data to a gateway using radio data signals. The wireless node can be a few meters away or several miles depending on the type of radio transmitter used.  back to top

 What can I connect to the wireless nodes?
Each wireless node can accept analog inputs plus either RS232 or RS485 or pulse inputs. Each node also measures temperature and its own DC power supply which can be from a mains transformer, battery or solar panel.  back to top

 Over what distance can a wireless node transmit data?
Depending on the type of radio fitted, the antenna used and the terrain involved the distance can be a few meters up to 20 miles (~35km). We are happy to advise the best type for your application and to confirm with radio licencing in your country.  back to top

 Do I need a licence to operate a wireless node?
Most of the frequencies we supply require no special licence. However in some countries some longer range radios do require a permit to operate.  back to top

 Do I require a gateway to connect an AQMesh pod to the network?
No. Each AQMesh pod is supplied M2M ready and will connect directly to our servers. Data from AQMesh and from Envirologger gateways can be viewed together in the client applications.  back to top

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